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About us

inShot Technologies is specialised in electronic engineering and Software development. As innovative thinkers and expert collaborators, we combine our expertise to help your company evolve to the next generation. Whether we’re developing, optimizing or maintaining solutions for your company, our priorities always support your vision. We’re in it for the long haul.
Working with inShot Technologies means working with an enthusiastic team of experts in several areas needed for creating optimal product solutions. Ideas and knowledge of all members in the team are always welcome. We have established a very gentle and familiar atmosphere that encourages people to think far out of the box whenever possible. We provide clients with professional and cost-effective solutions.


What we offer:

  • Customer specific electronic development
  • Hardware development (from requirement management, part choosing, schematic, layout to prototyping and testing)
  • Customer specific PC Software development
  • Embedded Software development in C
  • PC Software for HMI to our electronics
  • Smartphone Apps for HMI to our electronics
  • Buildup of prototypes and small to medium series
  • Specialized in microcontroller applications in automation and photo/video equipment
  • Complete project handling with one contact

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